[ VOV ] VOV 自動眉毛鉛筆 [ 11 黑色

[ VOV ] VOV 自動眉毛鉛筆 [ 11 黑色, Korean, 化妝品 , VOV, 77257-JP, , koreanmall




Retractable pen helps outline the precise lines, effectively strengthen contour eyebrows, eye makeup more God, the other end of the eyebrow brush can easily be pushed tone, eyebrows modification depth, comprehensive, coordinated and makeup apart, more natural presentation Brow and create a different unique personality makeup, adding luster to the whole look beautiful.



[How to use]

1.Pencil of each according to the desired shape of the eyebrows by drawing lines.

2.Use a pencil brush on the other side for natural finish.












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[ VOV ] VOV 自動眉毛鉛筆 [ 11 黑色



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